Using Duplicate Entries from the Contact Tab

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Same Demographics/Different Person? Use Duplicate Entries!

Do you need to update your case with the name of a new adjuster, but have already typed the company address and phone numbers hundreds of times? Try using the “Duplicate Entry” functionality from your Contacts Tab to avoid re-typing the same information over and over. Let us show you how this works:

From the Contacts Tab in TrialWorks, find the name of the contact person you wish to duplicate, click on the gray square to the far left to highlight the row, and click “Duplicate Entry,” as shown below:

Duplicate Entry Full Screen with highlights-44292

Notice that the Contact has been duplicated to a second row immediately below the original Contact entry with the word “Duplicate” in parentheses:

Duplicate Entry with duplicate with highlights-44292

From here, you may double-click the duplicate row to open the Detail Window, and modify any fields you wish to update. Notice that many of the fields (e.g., Company Name, Address, Work Number and Fax Number) will remain the same, while you are able to change the First, Middle and Last Names and Email Address. Don’t forget to update the File As with the new name of your contact.

Duplicate Entry Contact Detail with highlights-44292

Once you’ve modified your new Contact, simply delete the original entry from your Case by highlighting the row and clicking on the X:

Duplicate Entry Full Screen wih both entries highlighted-44292

HINT: Creating a new contact using the Duplicate Entry feature enables you to quickly copy and modify a contact in a particular case without affecting the same contact in other cases throughout TrialWorks.


If you’re interested in learning more about the applicability of using Duplicate Entry features in TrialWorks, contact Training at 800-377-5844 option #1.

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