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  • TrialWorks


    Your time is better spent supporting your clients, not looking in multiple locations for your case information. TrialWorks Case Management Software for Law Firms brings together legal documents, docket items, contacts, communications, trial materials, costs and all other case information in one place, so you and your staff can serve your clients better.

  • TrialWorks Hosted

    TrialWorks Hosted

    Full access to the TrialWorks Case Management Software AND enterprise level capabilities to law firms without the upfront costs. Our team will take all the guesswork out of the hardware and keeps your client data secure. The hosted platform is an alternative to owning your own equipment and is accessible from virtually anywhere.

  • Training For Users & Administrators

    Training For Users & Administrators

    Our intensive training program integral for a successful implementation. Firms who participate in our training have expedited adoption of the program and improved return on their investment.

  • Database Conversion

    Database Conversion

    TrialWorks offers complete data conversion services from many other case management products. Firms who convert their existing data into TrialWorks hit the ground running without wasting time reentering data manually.

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What Our Clients Say

  • “The organization of the TrialWorks software saves us hundreds (if not thousands) of hours in locating file information and keep it at our fingertips.”

    Bill Austill
    Bill Austill Austill, Lewis & Pipkin
  • “Prior to switching over from SAGA, we interviewed all the key players in the case management software arena. We felt that TrialWorks provided the most robust and critical features in their software. The software was really designed to help our firm manage all phases of the cases from intake through trial and closing the files.”

    Jonathan Damashek
    Jonathan Damashek Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek
  • “What was great about the program was that we were able to move our entire practice—really, everything we do on a daily basis—to this new software at our own pace and still feel like it was instantly a good investment.”

    Christopher Nace
    Christopher Nace Paulson & Nace, PLLC
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The TrialWorks Difference

  • Easy-to-use Tab Format

    Easy-to-use Tab Format

  • Centralized Calendering & Docketing

  • Accessible From Anywhere

    Accessible From Anywhere

  • Web-Based Customer Intake Module

    Web-Based Customer Intake Module

  • Email Tracking Via Microsoft Outlook plugin

    Email Tracking Via Microsoft Outlook plugin

  • Statute of Limitations Tracking

    Statute of Limitations Tracking

  • Litigation Centered Approach

    Litigation Centered Approach

  • SMS Messaging With Clients

    SMS Messaging With Clients

  • Document Generation & Management

    Document Generation & Management

  • Full Document Search

    Full Document Search

Why TrialWorks?

Developed by litigators, TrialWorks takes a case from simple intake through the process of litigation to preparing for Trial. Built on the familiar Microsoft Office Platform, TrialWorks is used by law firms, insurance companies & government agencies nationwide.

  • Effortless Case Intake
  • Document Generation/Management
  • Email Tracking
  • Centralized Calendaring/Docketing
  • Detailed Reporting Capabilities
  • Mobile App Accessible

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