Using TrialWorks’ Ticketing System for Tech Support

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Having an issue with TrialWorks and need to speak with a member of Tech Support?

Needing a TrialWorks Trainer to teach you about a particular feature?

Have a quick question and want to chat with us?

Use our Ticketing System!

TW (1)

In your web browser, go to the following site:

tw2 (3)

If you haven’t already, click the ‘Register’ button or Login at the Home Screen.

tw3 (3)

If you’re creating a new account, fill out the required registration fields.

tw4 (3)

Verify your registration by following the link sent to your email.

tw5 (4)

After logging in, update and complete your profile by adding a title/position, your phone number, and if you wish, a photo of yourself or your firm’s logo.

tw6 (3)

To return to the Home Screen, click ‘Home.’

tw7 (3)

Click to ‘Submit a Ticket’ on the Home Screen or use the ‘Submit a Ticket’ tab on the Home Ribbon.

tw8 (2)

Based on the issue or question you have, select the correct Department and click ‘Next.’

tw9 (2)

Edit your ticket details. Use the drop-down to select the type of ticket; issue, bug, feedback, or question. Be sure to add a subject line and a description of the question or issue in the body.

You have the ability to insert photos, videos or a link to further explain the issue you are having.

tw10 (2)

A confirmation that the ticket has been received will be shown on the web and sent via email.

You will also receive a Ticket ID. Use this ID if you ever have to reference the issue to TrialWorks.

tw11 (2)

Click ‘My Tickets’ from the Home Ribbon to view your current open tickets.

tw12 (2)

Click the title of the open ticket (How can I add/remove tabs in TrialWorks) to continue the conversation or to see any replies from the TrialWorks team.

When a member of TrialWorks sends a reply, it will also be emailed to you.

tw13 (2)

Click the ‘View Resolved Tickets’ button to view  previous tickets that have since been closed (Is TW compatible with Mac).

Click ‘Hide Resolved Tickets’ to only view open tickets.

tw14 (2)

Each tab in the Ticket System has a Live Support button on the left hand side of the screen.

Clicking will open a second window for you to enter your contact information and the details of your issue or question. Users will instantly begin chatting with a member of TrialWorks.

tw15 (2)

You can also check out our articles by clicking ‘Knowledgebase’ from the Home Ribbon.

tw16 (1)

The knowledgebase section is constantly being updated. As your ticket is closed, the question or issue and the replies from TrialWorks will create a knowledgebase article.

Save time by searching the knowledgebase section for your issue prior to submitting a ticket to see if it has previously been addressed.

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Lastly, click ‘News’ to view previous Tips of the Week entries!

If an emergency arises, call Tech Support directly at 800-377-5844, option #1, or start a live-chat with TrialWorks by clicking the button featured on the left side of all pages in the ticketing system.


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