Using Status and Priority Codes

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The Case Status and Priority Codes are admin features designed to be customized for any firm. Use these fields to view instantly the true stage a case is in. Applying these fields to a case will reflect into a variety of case reports and built in Dashboards.

Setting up Status and Priority Codes
*Only an Admin user of the firm can set up the Status/Priority Codes. Once set up, any user can apply the status to a case*

1. Go to Settings

2. Choose Status/Priority Codes

  • Status ID– This field has a character limit. Use as a “Title” or shortened description field.
  • Description– Use to type in the actual status description
  • Days Allocate a number of days a status should be in
  • Sub Status– Apply a sub status
  • Case Status– Tie these status options to an overall Case Status.
For example, if a case is marked Settled, a user would only view settled status options
Example Status Codes we recommend:

Pre Lit, Pre Litigation, In Litigation, Under Investigation, Reviewing Medicals, Still Treating, Complaint Filed, Prep for Trial, Discovery set, Funds received awaiting for disbursement.

Example Priority Codes we recommend:

5 stars, 4 stars, 3 star, Level 1, Gold Star, VIP


Applying Status and Priority Codes to a Case

Case Retainer/Info Tab: Apply the status by choosing the drop down next to Status or Sub Status. Once applied, the days will start calculating and reflect how many days a status has been in a specific stage.
Intake Case Manager: Within the Case Tab, Apply the status by choosing the drop down next to Status or Sub Status. Once applied, a date will appear reflecting the day the intake went into a specific status.
Case Summary Tab and Reporting
  • View the Case Status and Priority Code instantly by clicking the Case Summary Tab. This will provide a true snapshot of the case.
  • Use the Cases Sample View Dashboard to view overall the firm’s cases and their status/priority codes. Use the export button to Excel for further analyzing of the data
  • Under Case Reports choose “Additional” to run a case report by a specific status




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