TrialWorks Search Server is a quick and easy to way to search instantly your TrialWorks database. Run a keyword search using a configured firm wide intranet. Browse files as if you browsing the internet. Powered by Microsoft Search Server, this scalable enterprise search platform is an extremely powerful solution and incredibly simple to use.

Key Features:

  • Search by file name, author, case name, content and/or document type

  • Search for text within PDF files, Microsoft Office and/or WordPerfect documents, E-mails & Notes

  • Download the document to edit it or preview to view the file in a built in document viewer

Technical Information and Recommendations

The search server can index a maximum of 300,000 items (documents and notes) with SQL Server express or 10 million items with SQL Server Standard. An index system can be CPU intensive, so it is recommended to have dedicated CPU resources for the search server so that it doesn’t affect performance of other services. The Search Crawl or Indexing can be scheduled to run at different times. Incremental crawls are scheduled by default to run every hour and a full crawl will run once a week. The TrialWorks Search server installs Windows services that will monitor the file system and convert all PDFs into PDF/A and the OCR text will be included in search index. The index server can double the size of SQL databases with time. If you have a 4 gigabyte database for example, you need to have at least that much free hard disk space available to allow the index to grow accordingly.