So your focus can stay with your clients, our support team is ready to assist with any software issues that arise. TrialWorks has allocated extensive resources to our support effort. We have recently welcomed several new members to the team, all of whom have considerable experience in delivering best-in-class software support. In addition to new support staff, we have also recently upgraded our support tracking software to minimize response times and prioritize critical issues. As one of the earliest case management products in the industry, we strive to maintain our leadership position in everything that we do – from product innovation to training and implementation to ongoing customer support.

TrialWorks is your partner behind the scenes, saving you time and supporting your continued success.

TrialWorks Quick Support

Download and run a Teamviewer quick support to start a remote session with a TrialWorks specialist.

Windows Users

Download Teamviewer to start a remote session with a support.

Mac Users

Download Teamviewer to start a remote session with a support.

TrialWorks Version Changes

Installation, Upgrades & Utilities

  • TrialWorks 9 CD
    The complete TrialWorks v.9 Note that not all components need/should be installed on servers. For advice and assistance, contact our support team.
  • TrialWorks Refresh
    his package should be extracted to your TrialWorks share. Contains Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime, PDF components, and .NET frameworks.

  • TrialWorks Repair Utility
    Download this utility to repair issues related to Outlook or Microsoft Access.

Training Documents

Mobile Downloads

  • TrialWorks iOS

    TrialWorks for iPhone/iPad is the first app of its kind to provide lawyers with accessibility to all matter related documents, notes, docket (calendar) and contacts on the fly. In addition to true remote access to the contents of important case related information, the application offers a number of other unique and helpful features. The TrialWorks Mobile App is designed to be a complement for existing TrialWorks Case Management Software users.

  • TrialWorks Android

    TrialWorks App allows existing TrialWorks Case Management Software users to review and/or edit notes, contacts, docket, add time to timekeeper, review and add new intakes, case history and review attachments in TrialWorks on their Android devices.