After last week’s announcement aboout our merger with Needles, we have received many customer inquiries and thought it might be helpful to create a Frequently Asked Questions blog to clear up any confusion.  We encourage you to reach out to our team with any further questions or concerns.  We are very excited about the future of the TrialWorks. 


Am I going to be forced to switch programs?

Absolutely not!  TrialWorks is a tremendous program, and the same goes for Needles.  We will be developing both platforms moving forward, with an eye towards the specific needs of each client base.  Sometimes those needs will line up, so we can take advantage of offering cool features to both client bases.  But both the TrialWorks and Needles programs will continue to be developed, trained, and supported as separate products.


Is this going to affect the training and support I’ve become accustomed to?

Absolutely not!  Both training and support teams (as well as the rest of the staff) will remain here and ready to assist you with any needs you may have.  In fact, we will be aggressively adding to the staff of both TrialWorks and Needles.  Some impressive new talent has already been hired, and we are looking for more to help meet the short and long term growth we are expecting.


Others in the marketplace are claiming that this means X…

The joining of these two companies creates a client base of over 2,500 law firms, with over 40,000 users nationwide!  The decades of legal and technology experience of our combined staff, coupled with a depth of features that cannot be matched, is extremely difficult to overcome by rookie case management offerings that are attempting to charge many multiples of the monthly per user cost of TrialWorks.  We can appreciate that is bound to make some competitors extremely nervous.  But TrialWorks and Needles have always been proud of their contribution to healthy and respectful competition in the growing legal case management marketplace.  We’re not changing who we are.


Who is Ridge Road?

Ridge Road, the company that invested in TrialWorks earlier this year, is an investment company with a strong focus on building businesses.  Unlike traditional private equity firms who try to enter and exit investments in a short period, Ridge Road has a very long term view.  Their objective in bringing together the two largest client bases in plaintiff case management is to build the ultimate legal technology company in the country by bringing massive resources to bear on helping our customers help their clients.


Who is Needles?

Needles is one of the longest standing, experienced, and most used Case Management platforms in the US, just like TrialWorks.  They also have an incredibly loyal and dedicated customer base, just like TrialWorks. Located in Owings Mills, MD, Needles sold their first, DOS-based, case management system 31 years ago.


What benefits should I expect to see from the joining of these two companies?

There are numerous benefits from the merger.  One important benefit is the sharing of best practices across the organization so that we can improve service delivery for both user bases.  Another significant benefit is the increased development resources that will be working together on similar problems and which will result in the accelerated rollout of new features to each of the two products.  A third major benefit is having a combined user base of over 40,000 which can be leveraged to the advantage of our customers concerning outside vendors and service providers.