Founded by Experienced Trial Attorneys

Founded by experienced trial attorneys who took their knowledge of law and litigation and applied it to develop TrialWorks Case Management Software.

TrialWorks’ case management solution has been developed continuously over more than 20 years. With over 11 versions under its belt, TrialWorks’ software has been battle-tested by many of the leading firms in our industry and contains the most robust functionality on the market.

Head of Product Robb Steinberg developed TrialWorks in 1995 while he was a practicing trial attorney at a well-known litigation law firm based in Miami. He was seeking an automated solution to handle a large case, which involved over 1 million supporting documents. Using years of programming and trial knowledge, Steinberg developed the first version of TrialWorks.

After many years as independent market leaders in the legal software industry, both Needles and TrialWorks were acquired by Ridge Road Capital Partners in 2017 and subsequently merged into a new holding company, Assembly Software. While Assembly Software’s management team runs both companies, the core TrialWorks and Needles products will continue to be supported and developed as distinct and independent solutions. The combination of these two industry leaders under a common roof provides Assembly Software with greater financial resources than would be available otherwise, allowing for more investment in product development as well as greater management strength and depth. Assembly Software’s size and leadership position, with over 40,000 users, 2,500 law firms and 35+ years of experience developing and supporting legal software, distinguish it from any other player in the market Read the press release for more information.