Founded by Experienced Trial Attorneys

Founded by experienced trial attorneys who took their knowledge of law and litigation and applied it to develop TrialWorks Case Management Software.

TrialWorks’ case management solution has been developed continuously over more than 20 years. With over 11 versions under its belt, TrialWorks’ software has been battle-tested by many of the leading firms in our industry and contains the most robust functionality on the market.

Head of Product Robb Steinberg developed TrialWorks in 1995 while he was a practicing trial attorney at a well-known litigation law firm based in Miami. He was seeking an automated solution to handle a large case, which involved over 1 million supporting documents. Using years of programming and trial knowledge, Steinberg developed the first version of TrialWorks.

In February 2017, TrialWorks was acquired by Ridge Road Capital Partners and its principals. Ridge Road also owns Needles, another leading case management software company, based in Baltimore. Together, Needles and TrialWorks have 55+ years of operating history and over 2,500 law firm customers. The combined entity is by far the leader in plaintiff-focused case management software, with a user base of approximately 40,000. We are leveraging this leadership position to invest aggressively in continued product innovation and to deliver additional value to customers through proprietary partnerships and integrations.

There is a lot of noise currently in the market for case management software. New entrants have proliferated with appealing names and graphics. TrialWorks continues to stand out for its unrivaled depth of functionality, the result of over 20 years of development and many millions of dollars of programming expenditure. We count many of the most prominent law firms in our industry as customers, because they know case management software is mission-critical to their firms and they want to partner with the industry leader.