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The Contact detail window is now a one-time stop for all relevant contact information. A new tab has been added to the Contacts detail window of each contact labeled Cases and Communications. This new tab shows all correspondence, emails and call log entries linked to this contact.

Start by double clicking in a contact in the Contacts Tab or the Address book located on the home ribbon.

  • Cases Tab: Cases where contact appears in
    • Case Name, File No., and type of contact will be listed
  •  Communications Tab: All communications, emails, and call log entries for this contact
    • Date, description, link to document, tab, author, and case name will be listed



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All your contact information is now consolidated in one place making it easier and more efficient to access contact information.

If you’re interested in learning about Contact Cases and Communications in TrialWorks, contact Training at 800-377-5844 option #2.

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  1. In many of our cases, the defense firm has two or three attorneys working on this case. Can we list them in one contact so that they print out on the service list as one firm (with 2 or 3 attorneys and their emails)? We don’t want to have three separate contacts for them as they then print out three separate times on the service list. If we can list them all within one contact, how do we do that? Thank you, Tommie Josephson

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