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Database Conversion

Behind every information managing software program there is a database. Although some rely on a simple database design, most depend on a series of relationships between tables of information. When choosing to move data from one database to another it is necessary to understand and preserve those relationships in the source and destination database. This process is called database conversion.

Import your current data. Call us today to discuss an import of your existing data – spreadsheets, document folder structures, or existing databases.

See below for a step-by-step breakdown of what we can do for you.


TrialWorks obtains your current data and begins analysis. At this stage we determine the amount of data that will need to be converted, it’s overall health, address the complexity of the conversion and provide a timeline & quote.


Our database engineers build routines that align your old information with screens in the TrialWorks database.  This process can take from a few days to a few weeks depending on the data.


Data review with a member of our programming team. Review your data in TrialWorks format. Discuss changes required to the routine, schedule a second review if necessary.


Schedule a cut off from your current system and a go live to TrialWorks.

Training for Users & Administrators

Migrating to a new system can sometimes seem overwhelming. We’re here to help. To help ease this transition, TrialWorks offers three training solutions:


The most comprehensive approach to learning how to use TrialWorks effectively, this method of training allows our experienced trainers to get involved in your daily routine and provide structured learning to your staff.

Onsite training is typically divided into classroom-type sessions and then individual one-on-one training. The classroom sessions are effective in teaching a small group of users the basic and advanced features of the software. The sessions are then followed by one-on-one hands-on work with users, enabling the trainer to easily adapt instruction according to the student’s individual needs, skill level, and job description.

Small and large firms can benefit from onsite training as costs are calculated on per-day basis. The customer covers all travel expenses and a daily per diem. The general rule of thumb is one day of training for every group of six employees. Although a minimum of two days onsite is always recommended, there are numerous factors that determine the individual recommended time for your firm.


Training via phone is an affordable way to train new TrialWorks users or current TrialWorks users who need a refresher course in TrialWorks or, to enhance employee skills by interactive training on certain new features that become available with upgrades or integrated add-in software.

Telephone training is charged at an hourly rate. There are no other costs associated with telephone training. The only requirements are access to the internet, the capability of remote assistance and, either a headset or speakerphone. You will need no software, other than a high-speed connection to the internet and a web browser. Generally telephone training sessions are between 60-90-minute increments. The sessions are limited to this time frame to give the student time to assimilate the information more comprehensively as well as limiting the impact upon the firms’ and employees’ work day. With the additional follow-up training scheduled for several days later. It also gives the student an opportunity to put to use the information obtained in the first session. Thus, giving the student a basis from which to ask any questions they may have prior to the next session.


An alternative option to Onsite Training is our Corporate Office Training. Although this option is available to all TrialWorks users, it is recommended to offices that wish to adapt the “teach the teacher” approach to TrialWorks implementation.

After the completion of the desired curriculum the newly-trained persons return to their firm and train the rest of the staff. You can enjoy a stay in Sunny South Florida while benefiting from more focused training sessions away from the distractions of your office!




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