Depending on your operating system, use the appropriate link below to get remote access and support over the Internet with TeamViewer. You can also use the Live Support option in the bottom left corner of each page to chat with us or Click Here to visit our Support ticket system and Submit a Ticket.

If you need immediate assistance please call us at 800.377.5844.


TrialWorks QuickSupport (Windows)

2.59 MB

Download and run a Teamviewer quick support to start a remote session with a TrialWorks specialist.


TrialWorks QuickSupport (Mac)

10.74 MB

Download and run a Teamviewer quick support to start a remote session with a TrialWorks specialist.

Training Documents

At TrialWorks, we provide a comprehensive library of training resources for our clients. We encourage you to browse our documents library, arranged alphabetically here.

Naming DocumentsSuggested naming of documents for TrialWorksGeneral
Document & Notes CategoriesTraining documents list suggestions for document and notes categoriesGeneral
Service on Attorney By EmailTraining document on how to automate the requirements to create the service e-mail for all attorneys on your serivce list.General
Docketing in TrialWorksTraining document on docketingGeneral
Contact ManagementTraining document on contact managementGeneral
Important DatesTraining document showing how to use the Important Dates windowFeatures
Cost TabTraining Document on how to use the costs tabTabs
TemplatesField Requirements for TemplatesTemplates
Custom Report Writer InstructionsTraining document with instructions using the custom report writerReporting
BookmarksList of TrialWorks Special BookmarksBookmarks
TrialWorks SearchSearch instruction for TrialWorksSearch
MediconnectTraining documents on how to use Mediconnect to request medical records onlineIntegrations IntegrationInstructions on how to integrate with TrialWorksIntegrations
Global LibrariesGlobal LibrariesAdmin
Security ModuleTraining document on how to use the TrialWorks security moduleSecurity

Webinars & Videos

Get the TrialWorks training and information you need with the click of a button. See below for our latest videos and webinars.

The TrialWorks Difference

Selecting the Right CMS for Your Practice

Case Management Software For Law Firms

Check Out Our YouTube Channel!

TrialWorks YouTube Channel



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